Rounds are conducted via the mobile application

Start by taping on the box where it says Planned. Remember to always synchronize your mobile application before you start the round in order to get the latest information.

If there is no round, check this guide to learn how to schedule round.

  1. Tap on the round

  2. Tap start

3. Select round participants - these will show on the report
4. Tap on the plus sign if you want to add users thats not connected to the project

NOTE! You can go back to the participant view and adjust the participants during the round by clicking on participants in the menu at the bottom.

5. Tap on the checklist in the menu at the bottom of the screen, you will automatically come to the deviations from the previous round. If you do not have any active deviations from previous rounds, you will automatically come to the current round instead.

If you tap on the unresolved deviation, you can see information and choose whether the deviation is resolved or still unresolved.

NOTE! All items from previous rounds need to be reviewed before the current round can be concluded.

6. Tap on current round at the top of the screen

7. Go through the list as you conduct the round. You can search for items in the list by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. To add answers to an item, tap on the item and thereafter any of the following:

  • Green button: The item is checked and approved, choose to add proof or not

  • Red button: The item requires action, add deviation

  • N/A button: The item is not applicable in the current round

You can add multiple deviations or approved with proof to the same item in the list.

How to approve an item:

If you tap the green button to approve the item, you can choose to add proof or not. If you choose not to add proof, go directly to step 10.

8. Fill in the requested information

9. Tap on save

10. Tap on Yes, Answer without proof if you choose not to leave a comment and picture on the approved item. For items that you want to approve without proof you can also do this quicker in the checklist view - simple tap and hold on the item, then you can quickly approve multiple items without proof at once.

How to add a deviation:

11. If you tap the red button to make a deviation, you need to fill in the information requested.

12. Then tap on save.

How to select multiple items at once:

You can choose to click and hold on the item in question and jump directly to point 15

13. Tap on the green icon with three dots in the bottom right corner

14. Click on select multiple items

15. Click on all the items you want to either approve or mark grey and then click on the green check mark or gray N/A.

How to add a positive observation:

16. Tap on observations in the bottom right corner

17. Tap on the plus sign.

18. Fill in the requested information

19. Tap on add

20. When you have inspected the items in the list, tap the flag at the top right corner to complete the round (don't forget that you need to have checked off all the items from previous round before you can tap on the flag). If you want to return to the list to edit your items, click cancel. When you are done tap on the flag then complete.

21. Add notes from the round if you want to. These will appear on the first page of the round report
22. Tap complete round. The mobile application will automatically synchronize with the web platform and update the information

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