1. Click on Insights and choose the category you want to look at

  2. Click on the filter icon

You can filter by using the following settings:

  1. Date - select the date range for the data that you would like to look at

  2. Project/project tags - choose to filter the data on project level or by using tags (more about tags below)

  3. If you want to filter with tags, tick the boxes that you would like to see data on

  4. Click on Apply filter to use the filter(s) you have chosen

In order to use tags for the filtering of data, the first step is to create the tags on a company level. Then the projects have to be tagged with the appropriate tags. To read more about how tags are created, click here.

By using tags, the data can be used and interpreted on a deeper level, for example comparing different business areas or regions and how they are performing compared to each other. You can then apply knowledge from certain parts of the business to others and thus continuously learn in order to ensure that all projects are working as safely and effectively as possible.

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