• Inviting users. Has the authority to invite users to the project platform.
  • Create / Edit a safety inspection. Have permissions to create safety inspections within a specific project, as well as edit the date, time and responsible inspector for these rounds.
  • Customize checklists for specific projects. Have permission to disable / enable the paragraphs and sections of the Supervisory checklist that is not applicable for the individual project.
  • Implement rounds in the mobile application. Has the competence to carry out the actual rounds in the mobile application.
  • Treat the reported incidents. Have permission to project through the platform, risk observations / incidents / accidents reported on the construction site.
  • Responsible for deviations. Have authority to be responsible for addressing the deviations identified during the safety inspection tour.
  • Receive report. Is authorized to receive the report after completing safety inspections.
  • Access to the project platform. Have access to the Project with all the material that has been charged and documented in connection with rounds / incidents.
  • Incident Reporting. Have access to the mobile application with the function of reporting risk observations, incidents and accidents.
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