Rounds are conducted via the mobile application

When a round has been added that you are responsible to conduct, log into the mobile application. Remember to always synchronize your mobile application before you go round to get the latest information.

  1. Tap on the round
  2. Tap start

3. Select round participants
4. Tap on next

5. Go through the list by clicking on an item and then click on: 

  • Green button: The item is okay, nothing to resolve
  • Red button: Add deviation, the item must be resolved
  • N/A button: The item is not applicable in the current round

Tips! You can also search for items in the list by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner!

6. When you inspected all items in the list, click complete inspection to finish the round. If you want to return to the list to edit your points, click cancel. When you are done click on complete.

7. Adjust participants if needed
8. Tap on next

9. Write a comment if you want. It will be shown at the top of the round report.
10. Tap complete this round. The mobile application will automatically synchronize with the web platform and update the information

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