Visit the project in which you want to edit the participants information and do the following:

  1. Click on Introduction i the menu to the left
  2. Click on Participants
  3. Select the person you want to edit the information & details for

4. Click on Show to see the PIN-code needed to edit the information

NOTE! Click on edit if someone has hade a temporary number, and now it's going to change to their ID06 number. After this click on save to complete the change.

5. Open the weblink used when participants start their registration process. You can find it under Administration in the menu

6. Scroll down and click on Start the registration
Fill in the participant's ID06 number or the temporary ID06 number (visible over the PIN-code in the participant's details). Then click on Next

8. Enter the PIN-code
9. Click on Next

10. The participant's registration form opens and you can now edit and add information. Fill in what is needed in each step and complete the form. Note that the participants themselves have to confirm and sign that they have read and understood all the necessary documents in order to complete the registration.

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