1. Click on Introduction in the menu to the left of the project view
  2. Click on Participants. In this view you can see all of the ongoing registrations, where you can sort the participants on either name or when the registration was started. 
  3. Click on the person that you would like to follow up on

NOTE! Here you can see the participant's details and certificates, on the right you can see how far the person have come in the registration progress.

4. Click in the confirmation checklist what the participant has filled in and you checked, click in if the registration information is correct, click in if the certificate is authorised, click in if participant completed the site orientation (you can edit the date on this point) and approve the workplace introduction.

NOTE! When all these are checked and ticked, there will be a box under that says complete induction.

5. Click on complete induction

6. Klick on complete

7. Click on invite if you want to invite the person to the project otherwise click on cancel

The introduction is now complete.

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